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This course offers assessment of your capability when handling a dog. This is aimed at children, youth and anyone looking for a simple assessment of handing ability. This course isn't to assess your dogs ability but your capability as a handler and your communication with the dog. 

There are 3 sections in each level. 

Sign up available: 1st - 7th of each month

Study mode: Online

Assessment method: Video upload and quizzes. 

Award: Certificate and star pins. 

Pearl - This is the simplest of levels, great for those who are just starting out with a dog or a younger handler. Units covered:

  • Handling a dog
  • Behaviour around dogs
  • Basic care for a dog
  • Feeding a treat
  • Play with the dog
  • Identifying a happy dog
  • And more!

Entry requirements:

  • Min handler age: 3 years

Bronze - This is a little more detailed than pearl. The criteria is more complex and looks more at how the person can handle the dog doing different actions. Units covered:

  • Basic actions from the dog with clear instructions from the handler
  • Cleaning up after a dog
  • Applying a collar and leash
  • Walking the dog
  • And more!

Entry requirements:

  • Min handler age: 6 years

Silver - This level looks at more advanced handling, incorporating skills previously learnt and new ones. Units covered:

  • Grooming
  • Health checks
  • Distraction management
  • Load and unload from a vehicle
  • Intermediate actions and communication
  • Tricks
  • And more!

Entry requirements:

  • Bronze 3 certificate
  • Min handler age: 8 years

Gold - This level is advanced and complex, focusing on advanced communication and handling to a high standard. Units covered:

  • Advanced actions
  • Competition style obedience
  • Tricks
  • Vet style examination
  • communication with other handlers
  • And more!

Entry requirements:

  • Silver 3 certificate
  • Min handler age: 10 years

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