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Youth and Accessible course
This course offers an assessment of your capability when handling a dog. This is aimed at the children, youth and anyone looking for a simple assessment of handling ability. This course isn't to assess your dogs ability but your capability as a handler and your communication with the dog.

Each level is built up of 3 sections. Upon completion of each section you will be sent a mini certificate and a star pin in the colour of the level. So by the end you should have 12 pins. 

Pearl - minimum age 3 years. This is the simplest of the levels. Great for those who are just starting out with a dog or a younger handler!
This level looks at:
-Handling a dog
-Behaviour around dogs
-Basic care for a dog
-Feeding a treat
-Play with the dog
-Identifying a happy dog
And more

Bronze - minimum age 6 years. This is a little more detailed than pearl. The Criteria is more complex and looks more at how the person can handle the dog doing different actions.
This level looks at:
-Basic actions from the dog with clear instructions from the handler.
-Cleaning up after a dog
-Applying collar and lead
-Walking with the dog
And more

Silver - minimum age 8 years.
This level looks at more at more advanced handling. Incorporating skills previously learnt and new ones.
This level looks at:
-Health Check
-Distraction management
-Load and Unload from a vehicle
-Intermediate Actions and Communication
And more

Gold - minimum age 10 years.
This level is advanced and complex. It focuses on advanced communication and handling to a high standard.
This level looks at:
-advanced actions
-Competition style obedience
-vet style examination
-communication with other handlers
And more

Please be aware that we are currently awaiting stock of certificates and star pins. These may take up to 6 weeks. 

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